PR Freebies

2019 Spotlight Vision Board

Want to find out a way I have seen client after client achieve their PR goals? I started using this tool with my coaching clients in 2016 and it still surprises me how well it works. I’ve seen clients achieve coverage in national publications, win national awards and land speaking gigs they wouldn’t have dreamed of. This tool even featured in Cosmo magazine (back when Cosmo existed ☺ !!).

Click on the Spotlight Vision Board above to download.

2019 PR Planner

Want to engage PR but don't know where to start? The PR Strategy Planner will help you get really purposeful about PR and provide you with a plan so you can define your why, key messages and develop some achievable goals. The strategy includes five questions which will help you develop an outline for your PR Strategy as well as a 12 month planner.

Click on the PR Planner image above to download.