What is Public Relations and why I think it is the bee’s knees

What is Public Relations (PR)?

When I was at Uni we were taught that PR is the effective communication between an organisation and its public. 

While PR has changed so much in the years since I graduated, its definition still stands. What has changed is the multiple ways you can now effectively communicate with your audience.

To put it simply, PR is raising awareness of who you are through storytelling. It is about increasing the profile of your business and brand, making you visible, credible and building trust, as well as protecting your reputation. Effective PR will drive your audience to take a particular course of action.

Why is PR the bee’s knees?

I may be biased but I strongly believe in the power of PR. There is no faster way to make you visible, credible and raise your profile. Nothing beats third party endorsement either.
I’ve seen effective PR double a client’s social media followers overnight and  have their service packages sell out for the remainder of the year.

I also love that through PR you can have media articles and interviews that last forever. It provides content that you can share with your existing audience and new audiences through social media for a very long time afterwards. 

I hear many clients say that PR is a tactic that works quickly for them in establishing trust. Your potential clients and customers need to trust you to buy so often PR will drive a sale quicker than any other tactic.

Finally in most cases PR is cost effective. The aim of media relations is to get free coverage. That is right. You can get a free article published in a major newspaper rather than paying hundreds, or in some cases thousands for an advertisement.

Why engage PR?

There are many reasons why you should engage PR. For most business owners the ultimate goal is to drive sales by building and protecting credibility, as well as earning trust.