The year I said YES

I’ve always been a dreamer. I’m constantly coming up with new business ideas, like ‘Pav-on-ova’ (a pavlova shop), ‘Bridechilla’ (a wedding planning agency), ‘Pretty my Plate’ (a food styling business) and ‘The Little Place of Calm (a meditation hub). I dreamed about these ideas for weeks on end and even worked on business plans before deciding it was all too much and going back to dreaming. On reflection I’m glad some of these ideas weren’t pursued, my track record with pavlova isn’t brilliant so I’m not sure how that would have gone!

Ever since my year 11 Economics class I’ve wanted to start my own business. Since then I’ve always told myself that the time hasn’t been right. I was never ready, I needed to wait until I was in a perfect financial position, I needed more experience. The list of excuses was miles long.

I can’t pinpoint exactly what changed my course in 2016 and finally saw me say yes. On reflection, it was a combination of factors. It was taking the first real pause I’ve ever had from my career when I went on maternity leave, it was the new-found confidence from becoming a mother which helped me drop the perfectionism I’d carried with me for years. It was the quest for a more flexible lifestyle which I could see would benefit my family in the long term.

So, in a year where we had less money, less time, and a hell of a lot less sleep than ever before I started saying yes; to a six month Life Coaching course, to becoming a certified meditation teacher, to PR consulting work that came my way and then I finally said yes to that business that I never had the courage to start.

I would be lying if I said it had all been smooth sailing, it has made me dig deep at times, question my abilities, sacrifice time with family and friends and made me repeatedly step outside my comfort zone. But boy it has been rewarding, and I have an overwhelming feeling that I’m on the right track.

So how did I follow through this time? I just said yes, I said yes to opportunities that came my way and made sure that when I said yes I believed in myself and gave it my all. Action brings clarity, so many times in the past I’ve been paralysed by the ideas and thoughts in my head. However I’ve found that when I started taking action, trying things out seeing what worked and didn’t it has led me to where I’m supposed to be.

So if like me you are a dreamer with a big idea I encourage you to take action. Make 2017 the year you start testing your ideas and saying yes. It is incredible the opportunities that will present themselves when you do.

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